Statement by Association of Muslim Lawyers condemning the kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria

The Islamic faith has bestowed upon every man and woman the duty to seek knowledge... and to impart knowledge to the future generations as an everlasting obligation on every Muslim and one cannot stand by and watch such heinous acts being carried out and said to be in the name of Islam. The kidnapping of the 250 girls, the belief that girls should not be educated, threatening to sell the girls and the destruction of the infrastructure that facilitated such learning are crimes against humanity and go against everything that Islam represents. It is for these reasons that the Association of Muslim Lawyers strongly condemns the actions of the group Boko Haram and all its followers and calls upon the Nigerian government to take swift action to secure the safe release of the girls, to bring those responsible to justice and upon the wider global community to take action to support the education and development of girls and boys and to reestablish the schools and centres that have been destroyed by such groups to demonstrate that where girls/women are concerned, we stand together and will respond swiftly and effectively.