AML helping refugees in Calais

The Association of Muslim Lawyers (AML) went to Calais this June 2017 in order to provide help, food and some love to refugees. Tariq Rafiq, one of the humanitarian travelers states about what he saw there and the way the french authorities treat the refugees : 

"Waking up kids who sleep in the wet forests of Calais with pepper spray and violence is not a solution to the largest humanitarian crisis since the second world war! Taking away their blackets, sleeping bags and shoes in the cold and wet nights!

Last night again, the police stopped us from giving food and water to children and pepper sprayed my brother..... this is normal in Calais! We all know who is breaking the law here!"

The Association of Muslim Lawyers acts to promote ethical justice and compassion for all including minorities and weakness people against abuse of power. As Tariq Rafiq, join the AML actions for them.