BIG Society, Community Engagement & Extremism - Where to Now?

About the Conference

Since the Coalition Government announced its programme of Big Society, many organisations and individuals are left wondering how this will impact on work done to date and where do we go from here. The conference was opened by Baroness Warsi setting out the Coalition Government’s vision on Big Society and its impact on Community Engagement with our panel of speakers of Dr Hisham Hellyer, Sarah Jospeh OBE and Ifath Nawaz presenting papers on the need for any vision to include faith groups, to learn from the lessons of history and to recognise the excellent work already being done in this area by organisations like the AML and others.


Park Crescent Conference Centre | 229 Great Portland Street | London W1W 5PN


  • Baroness Sayeeda Warsi - Cabinet Member - Understanding the Role of Big Society in Community Engagement
  • Sarah Joseph OBE - Editor of Emel Magazine and International Speaker on Islam on - Big Idea Needs Big Ideals, Role of Faith in Big Society
  • Dr Hisham Hellyer - Fellow of the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations, Univerisity of Warwick and author of ‘Muslims of Europe: The Other Europeans’ - Pursuant to Prevent - Counter Terrorism in Coalition
  • Ifath Nawaz - President, Association of Muslim Lawyers and Director Muslimah Ltd. - Big Society at Grass Roots Level - Good Practises and Lessons Learnt

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